The Winter Jiu Jitsu Blues

It’s COLD! Well, for Texas at least. And assuming you’re like us and much prefer the warm weather, you may be facing those winter jiu jitsu blues. Don’t feel like training today? Well, when the cold weather comes through, it seems like every day you’ve got a perfect excuse to skip it. In fact, your humble blog writer here turned down some rolling today because he’s in hibernation mode. That’s just sad! So while the winter hibernation is a good excuse to go up a weight class or two, how about we all make a pact to keep our training up even during the cold weather? Here are a few reasons why winter jiu jitsu training is the best.

  1. While You’re Training, They Aren’t

One of the most wonderful things about jiu jitsu is that it IS in fact possible to catch up to your opponents who seem leagues ahead of you. Remember when we talked about jiu jitsu being an ultramarathon? The same concept applies here. Someone who trains jiu jitsu 6x a week WILL catch up to the person ahead of them training 2x a week. So while your opponent takes it easy this winter, you can keep your training going and catch up to that dang purple belt who always smokes you while rolling.

  1. You Can Use Winter to Fine Tune Your Game

On those days where your teammates stay home, winter classes may give you more chances to get one-on-one attention to your jiu jitsu game. Smaller classes mean you get to ask more questions, focus on your needs, and fine tune what you’re doing. Add that advantage to a private lesson with Professor Rei Villa, and you’ve got a real chance to up your winter jiu jitsu game.

  1. Avoid the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

With the shorter days, less light, and freezing temps, it’s easy to get SAD. Let’s all shake it off and stay on the mats. Get some time with friends, learn some new things, get the hard workout in to keep our bodies in tip top shape, and when Spring rolls around, we won’t even miss a beat.

So yes, while some days the weather may be out of your control, or the gym may be closed because the roads are bad (sorry again), how about we all stay warm like a group of penguins all huddled together this winter doing jiu jitsu together? See you at the gym.

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