Airlock Jiu Jitsu

Some Faqs you might be wondering about

FAQs for your first day:

What is a typical class like?

Classes are focused on instruction in specific Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques dealing with a variety of real world grappling situations. Students pair up to practice the techniques of the class with a partner, with additional help from instructors. Students will learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of grappling in a beginner-friendly atmosphere. Classes include ‘live’ drilling – called rolling – that puts the technique to the test.

What should I wear? (Do I wear a gi?)

Airlock Jiu Jitsu is primarily a no-gi school, meaning we do not wear the traditional jiu jitsu gi or kimono. New students can simply wear comfortable, athletic clothes, nothing too baggy. Shorts/leggings and a t shirt will do. Eventually, you will want to get shorts without pockets made for grappling and a rashguard. You can get your Airlock Rash Guard Here if you would like!

Where do I go?

We are located in the Bastrop Fitness Project at 303 Martin Luther King Dr. Parking is available all around the building, and you’ll see our logo on the door facing the parking lot. Come on in.

How do memberships work?

Your first Class is FREE, so now’s the perfect time to come see what you think of jiu jitsu. We are glad to offer bundle packages with Strive Strength and Conditioning! When you come in, we’ll get you set up with a waiver and start your free class; we can talk you through our packages and discounts for active duty/veterans, LEOs, & first responders.

When should I arrive?

You’re welcome to arrive a bit before class to get settled in, stretch out on the mats, and check out the space.

Do I need to watch my kids class?

We encourage parents to relax in the Bastrop Cafe lobby in the building where there are tables, wifi, and comfy places to sit instead of on our hard benches. Jiu jitsu is an opportunity for kids to gain independence and confidence. However, if you would like to watch class, we do have some seating – our only rule is absolutely NO parent coaching from the sidelines.

What is Open Mat?

Open mat is a time for live rolling without instruction, unlike a basics or all levels class. Beginners are absolutely welcome at open mats to ask questions, work on techniques, and get a workout in outside of normal class times.

What else do I need to know?

Trim your finger & toenails before class, brush your teeth, take a shower. Don’t be the stinky one please.

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