Jiu Jitsu Private Lessons with Professor Rei Villa

Nothing beats training regular jiu jitsu classes as often as possible. Starting your jiu jitsu journey as early as you can, training often and with intensity, and growing your game. But no matter who you are, we all sometimes need more help or some one-on-one instruction. That’s where jiu jitsu private lessons come to the rescue! And while they’re not needed all the time to supplement your training, there are two critical times when you should consider private lessons.

  1. Getting a new perspective

Jiu jitsu private lessons can get you access to an expert who you may not normally train with or who specializes in a game you’re unfamiliar with. Now, of course our members at Airlock Jiu Jitsu get plenty of one-on-one and “lab” time with Professor Rei Villa, but our private lessons are open to anyone who wants them. In the world of jiu jitsu, we all know that we develop habits training with our usual coaches and at our usual schools. Private lessons give us the chance to train with another expert and get a totally outside perspective on our own game. They also give us the chance to learn about the teacher’s game and try to add a new style to our jiu jitsu. 

For instance, there are some things that Coach Rei is well-known for in his jiu jitsu game *cough* guard retention and sweeps *cough*. In a private lesson, students from any other school can come learn some secrets of that game and take them back to their schools. Win win! Similarly, Airlock members are of course encouraged to cross train or even to get private lessons from other school’s professors since we do our best to not be a ‘red flag’ school (for those who don’t know, a huge red flag in jiu jitsu is telling your members that they can’t cross train elsewhere – yuck.) The point is, all are welcome from any affiliation to train with Professor Rei!

  1. Overcoming a hurdle in your game

We all have ups and downs in jiu jitsu. Sometimes you can feel yourself making progress, but a lot of the time you just feel like you’ve totally plateaued. Private lessons are an excellent way to shock your system out of old habits or address those sticking points that we all get from time to time. In fact, the best way to use your private lesson time is to bring some very specific questions about areas that you need to evolve. 

If you’ve read anything about the power of habits or the plasticity of the brain, you’ll know that sometimes getting out of your typical routines and playing with new concepts is the best way to advance, and that’s right where jiu jitsu private lessons make the most difference.

How Private Lessons Work

How you set up your private lesson is totally up to you, but we can give you a few ideas on how it usually works best. With Professor Rei, private lessons are priced at $100/hr, but it’s typically recommended that you split up the time with a friend. Both pay half and both essentially use half of the time for their questions. With 2 people, you can each act as each other’s partner to go through the new techniques you’re learning. If you’re interested in reserving a time, just contact us and we’ll be happy to get you and a buddy on the schedule!

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