Today, we’re going to take a moment to talk about a serious condition that has affected many of our valiant crew at Airlock Jiu Jitsu. It’s a condition that’s getting wide-spread attention from many, from Hollywood to the mainstream media to real influencers to your buddy who thinks he’s an influencer. We’re talking, of course, about jiu jitsu obsession. 

Jiu jitsu obsession can affect those of any age or demographic. Of course, our Airlock Jiu Jitsu crew has all been affected by this condition – spanning men and women as well as children of all ages and from all backgrounds. If you are suspicious that you may be suffering from the effects of jiu jitsu obsession, we have compiled a list for you to understand the most common symptoms:

Symptoms of obsession with Brazilian jiu jitsu include:

  1. Comparing everything to jiu jitsu

You’ll often hear the afflicted compare everything in their day to some aspect or another of jiu jitsu. They may find themselves experiencing increased discipline since, of course, no hardship in their average day compares with the intensity of rolling. 

  1. Saying “I’m not going to roll tonight” within 10 minutes of rolling as hard as possible

Unfortunately, this symptom affects our own Professor Rei Villa quite strongly, but he is open about this fact. There have been at least 2 nights in the past month in which Coach Rei shows up and declares that he won’t be rolling since he’s already rolled 20 rounds that day at various other gyms. Sadly, you’ll see his obsessed self rolling another 5 or so rounds almost immediately following this statement.

  1. Sending your friends jiu jitsu related memes on Instagram

Those afflicted with this condition often spend hours carefully sending hand-picked jiu jitsu memes to their teammates on Instagram. There are several common categories: Wrist lock memes get sent to the wrist locker, memes about the impossibility of passing coach’s guard get sent to fellow depressed white belts, memes about being fat are sent to the heavyweight brown belt, etc, etc ad nauseum.

  1. Wearing rash guards around town

Our own women’s coach Andrea admits to this symptom – on the occasional post-class HEB errand run, Coach Andrea may be seen in public with an American Jiujiteira rash guard. DO NOT approach someone in public with a rash guard on: They’re probably fresh out of class and ready to destroy.

Side effects of obsession with jiu jitsu include:

  1. A greater feeling of self confidence 

Participating in a challenging combat sport like jiu jitsu may increase personal feelings of self confidence and charisma. Fortunately, unlike the artificial self confidence that accompanies activities like alcohol use, those experiencing an obsession with jiu jitsu actually deserve the self confidence they feel as they are in fact better than everyone else.

  1. Becoming absolutely jacked and extremely flexible

If you’ve seen one of the jiu jitsu obsessed, you’ll notice their impressive musculature (note: only occurs leading up to competitions) as well as their intense flexibility both physically and emotionally. They are like gods among mortals.

  1. A feeling of belonging in a supportive community

With a supportive crew like the team at Airlock Jiu Jitsu, jiu jitsu obsessed people often find themselves feeling surrounded by a community who has their back. This is a somewhat natural phenomenon as there is generally strong mutual respect for everyone who engages in such a tough sport together.

Other side effects may include: Practicing leglocks on your spouse while they’re sitting on the couch trying to watch TV, pummeling for double underhooks every time you hug someone, watching your diet carefully, taping your fingers for everyday activities, asking everyone to “wrastle,” narrating UFC fights to your uneducated friends who didn’t ask you to, doing laundry constantly, the need to write a weekly blog about jiu jitsu topics, and so many more problems. 

Why anyone would want to experience this devastating affliction is beyond us, but in case you have an interest in learning more about jiu jitsu obsession, stop by and see us at Airlock Jiu Jitsu in Bastrop, TX.

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