Better Together with Jiu Jitsu

Sappy post incoming: Everyone’s getting better. Like WAY better. And it’s making everyone else better. Like WAY better. What an incredible spiral of improvement has been going on over at Airlock Jiu Jitsu lately! As we continue to charge forward as a team, working together, competing together, and hopefully winning together, maybe it’s time to look at how we’ve all become better together since we opened our doors.

As many of our members can remember, we opened our doors at Airlock back in July of ‘23. Our goal was and is to create a home for no gi jiu jitsu in Bastrop, TX – a place where we can all fight together, get super duper fit together, and just generally have a great time doing this martial art we all love. And ya know what? It’s working!

When we first opened up, many of our members were brand spankin’ new to the world of jiu jitsu. Fresh faced white belts or maybe white belts with some high school wrestling or some experience in jiu jitsu from way back. Well, just a few short months later and you’d never recognize those same members. They’ve leveled up extremely fast, they’ve striped up their white belts too, and more than that, they’ve all gotten better together.

Are you familiar with compounding interest? The idea that as you accumulate interest on an investment it grows even faster as the interest becomes part of the principal? There’s something like that going on at a great jiu jitsu school like Airlock. Every new member makes every other member better because we all come in with a unique skill set and background. Every day that we meet up to catch some rolls, we challenge each other with brand new skills and specialties. 

And it’s becoming noticeable. 

Airlock members are locking in fundamentals, working through the hurdles of jiu jitsu, and branching out into their own unique strategies, and it’s incredible to watch. There’s nothing else to do but keep showing up on the mats. Each day, you’re going to make yourself better, and guess what? Everyone else is going to make you better too. 

Want to be a part of that positive group journey? Come on in and let’s get you training.

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